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In this exclusive bundle you will receive the ShuBee® red service mat, ShuBee® red runner, and also the ShuBee® counter tool mat. The versatile Red Service Mat is more durable than drop cloths, plastic sheeting or rosin paper, and saves you money and time by lasting job after job. ShuBee’s® Red Runner protects your client’s home by keeping general work traffic, grime, and dirt off surfaces. It also keeps your tools and general service work from damaging their floors. The ShuBee® Counter Tool Mat protects your client's home investment by keeping general work grime and dirt off surfaces and by keeping your tools and tool belt from damaging their countertops. Its bright, highly visible color ensures that customers won't forget the ShuBee® Counter Tool Mat or your care on the job! The ShuBee® Counter Tool Mat is also environmentally friendly; it is made of 65% post-consumer recycled materials! The top of the mat has a soft felt-like feel for technician comfort. The backing of the mat is a heat resistant rubber to ensure a grip on hard surfaces.
Retail: $100.93
Price: $75.00
You Save: $25.93 (25.7%)